The Plataforma del Voluntariado de España (PVE) celebrated an important milestone in the framework of the Digital life learning Ka2 Erasmus+ project, on Wednesday, 15th March, the day “Solidarity and digital inclusion for older people”. The aim was to highlight the lack of rights suffered by a large part of the population of this country because of not being able to participate in public life because of their age.

The event was attended by around fifty people and the opening ceremony was presided over by the vice-president of the Spanish Volunteer Platform, Paca Sauquillo; the representative of EmancipaTIC, Juan Zafra; the member of the Board of Directors of the Democratic Union of Pensioners (UDP), Carlos Martínez Ozcáriz; and by the representative of INCIBE, Ruth García Ruiz.

Throughout the day, proposals, and initiatives to promote programmes that encourage the creation of digital services were shared by leading experts in the sector. In addition, the questionnaire, developed within the framework of the project to find out the training needs of older people aged between 64 and 75 in terms of their digital skills, has begun to be disseminated.

The conference was held at the CEPA José Luis Sampedro and was attended by a large number of senior citizens and representatives of the Third Sector, Volunteering, the Ministry of Economy, the Bank of Spain and the Madrid City Council, among others.