As part of the “Le + d’Erasmus” project, garagErasmus, in collaboration with AEF Europe, just published a report titled “L’Erasmus et les Compétences dans la Belgique Francophone”. This study delves into the skills acquired by Belgian francophone students through Erasmus+ mobility programs, showcasing the significant benefits of their international experiences.

The report reveals that Erasmus+ mobility students gain different crucial skills, including leadership, digital proficiency, and cross-cultural communication. In the report, 86% of students reported feeling more capable of working abroad after their Erasmus+ experience. Additionally, 78% of participants improved their organizational abilities, demonstrating the program’s impact on developing essential workplace competencies.

Moreover, the study emphasizes the significance of micro-credentials, certifications that help formalize the informal skills gained during international exchanges. By integrating micro-credentials into educational programs, institutions can better prepare students for the evolving demands of the modern workforce.