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Our new way for the next generation of Europeans to find a job!


Following the success of garagErasmus’ International Talents Match during the last three years, the aim of The + of Erasmus’ Talents Match is to enhance employability of former Erasmus exchange students, helping them to take advantage of unique opportunities.

How? By showcasing the professional & personal skills they gained and developed during their international experiences to recruiters.

Companies will be invited in a virtual room with international talents and Italian exchange students to have a “blind interview”: recruiters will have no information about candidates and candidates will have 10’ to persuade recruiters to call them back for a full job interview. It is the perfect way, during these difficult times, for universities to help their students to enter the working life. Don’t miss this singular opportunity to find a job!

Two sessions are foreseen in March 2021 and June 2021, following the format of the garagErasmus International Talents Match, launched by our Foundation in 2018.

This initiative is part of THE + OF ERASMUS project: Erasmus+ INDIRE and garagErasmus Foundation are merging  their forces to turn a period of difficulty for the Erasmus Generation into an opportunity to improve the Erasmus+ experience to unequivocally underline the value, even in a difficult period, of the studies and internships carried out thanks to the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Talents Match: increasing Erasmus+ students’ employability through speed dating!

On 3 March 2021 garagErasmus & the Italian National Agency Erasmus+ INDIRE organised the first edition of ‘The + of Erasmus’ Talents Match.

Talents Match (3 March 2021) – 10 minutes to convince a recruiter!

The first 2021 edition of the + of Erasmus Talents match will be held online on 3 March 2021: register by 28 February!

Meet gE & INDIRE’s new project: The + of Erasmus!

Join the ACCELERATOR’s Introductory session on 22 December 2020 (4PM CET)!

The concept

gE will set up a venue and invite companies & young talents whose applications correspond with the available vacancies offered by them. Each of the selected young international talents will have 10 minutes to convince the recruiter to call him/her back for a full interview.

An informal 10 minutes conversation

Companies and candidates have the opportunity to meet for 10 minutes and get to know each other in an informal way, without the constraints of a classic job interview format. A sound signal will alert them that the time is over. The whole event will be held in English.

Introduce yourself in a straight-forward way!

In the interviews’ stage, companies may not have the candidate’s CV: the meeting is mostly aimed at understanding if a specific professional profile can affect the company. Therefore, the applicant should present himself in a really clear and effective way.

Would you like to join the upcoming sessions of the + of Erasmus Talents Match? Contact us and we will keep you up to date!

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