The French National Agency Erasmus+ France / Education Formation commemorates, in partnership with Agence Erasmus+ / Jeunesse et Sports the 35 years of the Erasmus+ programme. This event will give the floor to those who make Erasmus+ happen: pupils, apprentices, students, teachers and trainers, professionals, volunteers and members of associations. All of them will share their Erasmus+ experience and how it has been a determining factor in their lives. Ministers, Commissioners and elected representatives will then join the discussion, which will count with the intervention of the French President Emmanuel Macron.

Erasmus+ Citizens’ Forum: 35 proposals
Towards a right to learning mobility for everyone in Europe

Young people will defend their proposals for making the Erasmus+ programme more accessible to all, in front of the national and European political decision-makers present at the event. This work is the result of a consultation initiated during a citizen forum on October 1st and 2nd.

Our local chapter in Paris Fondation Hippocrène is associated with the 35th anniversary of Erasmus+ and proposes the musical sequences with Tatiana Probst (soprano), Dominique Probst (cymbals), Guillaume Vincent (piano), Lucienne Renaudin Vary (trumpet).