On November 14 2019 garagErasmus Foundation participated in the joint NEO-ICP coordination meeting organised by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Union (EACEA) in Brussels, where we had the chance to present 2 outstanding ESAA projects we are involved in:

  • The EduVanHub project, presented by Gèv Harutyunyan (garagErasmus4Yerevan), seeks to help disadvantaged young people living in Armenian and Ukranian rural communities acquiring media skills by building an inclusive & innovative environment.

  • The WE AfriHug project, presented by Konstantinos Maragkos (GaragErasmus4Athens), aiming to bring closer Africa and Europe by empowering youth through capacity building, creating links between the African Union & the European Union’s HEIs & CSOs.